Sub Inspector Annie Shiva is a true warrior at heart!


It took 14 long years of struggle before Annie Shiva became Sub Inspector

The most talked about personality in Kerala today is Sub Inspector Annie Shiva. The title didn’t come easily to Annie who is a single mother who fought her battles without losing hope. She got married at 18 against the wishes of her parents but after having a baby, her husband abandoned her. To her dismay, her family rejected her and she was left to fend for herself in the streets. After struggling to find a safe place to live or even have a proper meal a day, her grandmother offered to let her stay with her for a while but soon she was on her own again. She managed to complete her degree and get a job to pay off rent and day care charges. Amazingly, she also managed to do her post graduation through distance education.

Though she has a slim figure, she dresses like a man. Annie confesses that she decided to dress like a man for her own safety as she was a single mom struggling with multiple jobs to take care of her child and make ends meet. It was her father’s dream that she become an IPS officer and as a penance for her mistakes, she decided to enrol for coaching and take the test. She worked hard and her efforts paid off when she became a constable in 2016 and almost after four years she was appointed as the Sub Inspector at Varkala. She has now got a posting in Kochi. After she took to social media to share her story, she has become an inspiration to many women across Kerala and she is one of the most popular officers in the Kerala police force.



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