Holding a brief for corporation workers: Su Srinivasan
By Sanjay Pinto

The sight of Corporation workers sweating it out on the streets, sweeping and spraying disinfectant during this lockdown, triggers justifiable adulation. But emoticons and encomiums on the social media don’t fill their stomachs. As we are so caught up with stocking up on rations, how many of us spare a thought for the daily requirements of these unsung heroes? A renowned chennai advocate and former Assistant Solicitor General of India Su Srinivasan decided to put his resources where our facebook ‘like’ buttons are.
( Pic: Su Srinivasan – Advocate & Former Assistant Solicitor General of India)
Over the last week, Srinivasan has been in the forefront of providing breakfast, lunch, tea, masks and sanitisers to about 25 workers in Chennai’s posh R.A.Puram area under the banner of the Jethnagar Residents Welfare Association (JERA).
And he isn’t just caring for local employees who serve his neighbourhood. Through a political outfit to which he belongs, Srinivasan has been instrumental in distributing 3000 lunch packets to people in Krishnagiri, Hosur, Salem, Erode and Chengalpattu. The beneficiaries include 200 sanitary staff.

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Every SOS call to his circle about stranded citizens is acted on with alacrity. Srinivasan views it as a duty to his fellow citizens in distress and confesses that his “personal contribution is minimum” as he gets vegetables “free” from his “Koyambedu clients.” An oil manufacturer had promised to supply 300 litres to this ‘community kitchen.’
Hunger for good deeds can go viral. And this lawyer has a lot on his plate to share.

(Sanjay Pinto is an Advocate practising at the Madras High Court, Columnist, Author, Public Speaker & Former Resident Editor – NDTV 24X7)



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