Will the Corona Virus ever go away??


Dr Mike Ryan of WHO explains what are the criteria for calling off a pandemic 

The World Health Organisation recently released a video in which Dr.Mike Ryan is asked some tough questions about what is the criteria for calling off a pandemic and if the Corona Virus will ever go away. He replies saying that the 2009 influenza virus is still transmitting and that is what has led to the current pandemic. But is it a Public Health Emergency of International Concern would depend on the number of people who are becoming severely ill or the number of people who die because of the virus.

He pointed out that the reality is that the virus is not going to disappear.  He said, “It is important to have equitable vaccinations across the world, to ensure that there are good control measures in the place to control transmission and that there needs to be high levels of herd immunity to fight it off. Only if the tragedy associated with the pandemic, ie the deaths and hospitalisations decrease can we call off the pandemic as a public emergency.” Remember always wear a mask even if you get vaccinated, sanitise and maintain social distancing. Sponsor vaccinations to ensure that it reaches more people.

Watch the video below by clicking on the link:





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