Street Fashion: Akbar Rasheed


A brief introductionrsz_sk__9347a
This advertising and marketing professional likes to keep his style simple. A plain shirt and a pair of jeans teamed with loafers is his go-to outfit. Akbar has previously worked for JWT and Walt Disney before starting his own agency. He says, “When I have meetings, I go formal and add a linen blazer or jacket on the same jeans and shirt. I may add accessories like a watch and good sunglasses too.”
How do you perceive street fashion?
Street fashion is more about comfort than anything else.
What would you wear to the following places / occasions?
A mall – Casual dressing is my choice for a mall. You would find me in jeans, t-shirt and casual shoes.
A cinema – Unlike many others who tend to bundle up for the cinema, I like to chill out while watching a movie. For me it would have to be jeans or chinos, teamed with a casual round neck t-shirt and my trusty old flip-flops. I can never watch a movie wearing shoes!
Lunch with friends – If it’s a casual lunch then I wouldn’t bother to dress up much, unless the restaurant demanded it. I would wear a neat pair of jeans or chinos, a casual linen shirt and smart loafers.
A casual evening party – Depending on where and with who I am attending the party, I would dress in a pair of formal pants, a smart shirt (preferably not tucked in) and semi-formal loafers.
Your favourite brands?
Zara, Abercrombie and Fitch and Superdry among others.
How would you describe your sense of fashion?
I don’t like to be very casual at any point of time. Comfort is important to me but I like to be presentable at all times.



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