Stories of the Wildlife of Western Ghats

 CGH Earth gears up to give us a glimpse of the Wildlife of Western Ghats
On the occasion of World Environment day, Award-winning naturalist and General Manager of CGH Earth Wayanad Wild, David Raju will take us on a wildlife tour of the Western Ghats.
Did you know that the Western Ghats has a rich thriving biodiversity and that the mountain chain is even older than the Himalayas? If you are a nature lover, then don’t miss this webinar which will be on Facebook live on June 5th, 2021 at 7pm. David Raju will enthral you with wildlife stories featuring some of the most exotic creatures found in the rainforests of Western Ghats, which is very close to his heart.
CGH Earth is a Kochi based hospitality group which also happens to be the pioneer of eco tourism. The group which is synonymous for Clean, green and healthy initiatives in the hospitality sector strongly advocates sustainable green initiatives, healthy and organic food and supporting the local community.  Catch the webinar live on Facebook Live or on Zoom at 7 pm IST on Saturday, June 5th 2021 at .


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