Always wanted to bake your own bread?

Here is your chance to learn the nuances of baking European breads
Baking homemade bread is universal across different cuisines and European breads is a class above the rest! These delicious breads are rich in nutrition and they give you a whole new variety to choose from, from France’s long crusty loaves to Northern Europe’s dense dark bread, Manna Cookery School’s upcoming class will walk you through different types of bread from all over Europe.
What will you learn:
# Brioche: Soft and pillowy, this buttery French bread is made with a rich dough of butter and eggs, making it moist and fluffy on the inside, and flaky and buttery on the outside.
# Bagel : This yeasted bread of Polish origin, is first poached and then baked to a crusty finish. Sprinkled with seeds of your choice, it is smothered with cream cheese, butter, or stuffed with eggs, cheese, veggies and meat or fish, making it a delicious breakfast option.
# Babka: This Polish cake-bread is a sweet braided bake, commonly layered with a chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon filling. While it’s usually made as a sweet bread, nothing stops us from doing a savoury twist to it with a generous layer of cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs. Enjoy these twisted treats warm from the oven as a decadent breakfast or brunch.
# Baguette: This long, thin bread of French origin is made with just 4 ingredients – water, yeast, flour, and salt, and the results are truly magical. With it’s crackly crust and chewy center, this light airy bread is definitely a treat.
# Berliner – A German doughnut with no central hole, fried and filled with confectioners custard or chocolate or jam.
Fill your home with the aroma of fresh baked bread!!
Date : 6th June
Time : 3pm to 6om
Skill Level : Beginners
Course Fee : Rs. 2500/-
Online classes via Zoom. Contact Anitha Issac on 97466 26422 for more details and confirmation of seats.


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