Starbucks Coffee Festival


Starbucks invites all coffee lovers for a week-long immersive experience. An experiential coffee celebration from 25th Sep – 1st October 2021 across all Starbucks stores in India featuring unique coffees from across the world.

Leading global innovation in coffee for over five decades, Starbucks India is taking its coffee heritage and inspiration to celebrate International Coffee Week this year with coffee-forward experiences and special promotions across its stores showcasing the brand’s passion & commitment towards coffee, community, and conversation as Starbucks ethically sources coffees from the world’s top 3% arabica beans.


Packed with an exciting array of activities, the festival is an opportunity for the leading coffeehouse to showcase the finest range of coffees from around the globe while celebrating their cherished connections with the community. Bringing alive the third-place experience, coffee enthusiasts through the week will witness the brand celebrating origin stories of the world’s finest coffees, flavour profiles, brewing techniques along immersive coffee tasting sessions and some interesting coffee trivia.

Each day of the Starbucks Coffee Festival will be dedicated to a unique coffee from across the world with an immersive experience of brewing. Consumers will also be able to enjoy a 50% discount* on select tall or above-sized beverages, when they purchase the Coffee of the Day. As a culmination of the coffee week and to commemorate International Coffee Day, the offer will be applicable on purchase of any Whole Bean coffee pack as well Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew on 1st October.



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