Sheraton Grand Chennai To Celebrate World Vegetarian Day


Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa has announce that they are all set to go green on 1st October 2021, to commemorate World Vegetarian Day. As part of Marriott International SERVE 360, Take care & Wellbeing initiatives & overall reduction and impact of the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the luxury resort property will encourage and challenge their culinary team to create a balanced, nutritious, and delicious vegetarian and plant-based menu. The specially curated menu will be made available for all associates and guests to indulge in green cuisine, promoting a shift towards healthier and eco-friendly consumption.

Amit Kumar, General Manager, Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa shares, “Across the globe, a large number of people today have become conscious about what they consume and are understanding the benefits of vegetarianism. People have recognized the importance of being healthy and a drastic switch to plant-based diets is being witnessed. We at Sheraton Grand Chennai, are delighted to partake in Marriott International’s Serve 360 initiative with a hope that our guests enjoy our signature offerings for the day.”



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