Special gift to your special ones this Rakshabandhan from Akkad Bakkad

Rakshabandhan is not just about cherishing the bond but also celebrating the unique personalities of your beloved siblings. The lifestyle retail brand Akkad Bakkad brings you a curated Rakshabandhan collection that resonates with every attitude.
Our assortment of wall decors seamlessly blends traditional vibes with modern flair, making them ideal for both the classic soul and the contemporary enthusiast.
To keep your siblings motivated and inspired, our wall frames come adorned with motivating quotes, offering daily reminders of strength, hope, and boundless dreams. Moreover, our wall clock collections are the perfect gifts for the ones who have an eye for exemplary abstract art as well as for the dreamers looking beyond the horizon.
So, choose Akkad Bakkad and make this Rakshabandhan a blend of tradition, memories, and impeccable taste. Visit the Akkad Bakkad stores in Bangalore or place your orders on www.akkadbakkad.store to get your siblings the perfect gift that is a testament to your bond and a piece that finds a special place not just in their home but in their hearts.
Price starting from: INR 499/-
For further queries, contact: +91 9721813500


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