SP Charan Slams The Controversy Around Ajith’s Silence On SP Balasubrahmanyam’s Demise


Vijay paid his last rights to legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam in person at his funeral on Saturday. This kind gesture had won many hearts but, it looks like the absence of many other stars has not gone down well with certain people.

TV host Sumanth Raman too pointed out in his tweet saying that, “When those benefited a lot more from #SPB songs than @actorvijay chose to stay away this was a heartwarming gesture by Vijay. Respect indeed.”

In the meantime, the absence of Ajith at the funeral seems to have raised questions. Reportedly SP Charan dismissed it as a non-issue. “Why should I respond to such comments? Ajith is a friend of mine. He was friendly with my dad, too. If Ajith is grieving, he must be grieving at home. How does it matter if he comes in person or not? How does it matter if has spoken to me or not? Why do you even want to turn his absence at dad’s funeral an issue? This is not even an issue at the moment. I lost my dad. The world lost SPB. We all need some time to grieve and get back on our feet. Please allow us to do that,” he said putting an end to the controversy around Ajith’s silence on his father’s demise.



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