Five Treehouses to Press Pause & Reconnect with Nature



This month ditch the Wi-Fi and connect with nature instead. For most of us, a typical workday consists of emails, deadlines, and back to back calls. With most of our time spent zooming in and out of calls, work from home has resulted in long work hours and lack of a work-life balance. But all is not lost, because if there’s anything nature does best, it’s restoring balance.

So, how about ditching the wi-fi for some time and taking a much-needed break amidst nature? Treehouses on Airbnb are the perfect option for you to go off the grid, reconnect with nature and retreat yourself from the day-to-day life mundane.

Tucked deep in the woodlands, these magical treehouses are little escapes from the ‘every-day’, where the only connection you make is with lush green trees, fresh air, and clear skies. So how about swapping those deadlines and team calls with bird calls, vines, and wildlife instead?

From a clifftop treehouse with rainforest view in Kerala to cozy mountain retreat in Mussoorie, here are a few of the amazing treehouse Airbnbs in India. If you want to search for more treehouses on Airbnb, be sure to select “unique homes” from the dropdown in Airbnb’s search and filter by treehouses.

Marmalade SpringsKalpetta, Kerala, India

Amidst Wayanad’s mighty mountains is a city of green skyscrapers, where you can look down upon your daily routine like a bird in the sky. Rising to great heights, it’s the perfect place to break the chains of the ‘new normal’. Built into multi-layered branches, the treehouse is completely furnished, with a gorgeous sitting area where you can catch the best of the morning and evening light. There is also a Safari on offer.  Not the browser, but a wildlife safari, where you can lock eyes with tigers, elephants, wild boars, and more.

Forest Valley TreeHouseMadikeri, Karnataka, India

This one’s a page right out of a fantasy book, built just to fuel your imagination and rekindle your spirit. Entrenched in one of India’s biggest coffee plantations, it is a place that’s both peaceful and energizing. At the Forest Valley treehouse, you can take a walk through the woods to understand the true meaning of ‘morning rush’. The only thing you will be hustling for here will be the sparkling reflection of light in a stream nearby, or to catch the perfect picture of a bushy-tailed squirrel rushing past.

Whispering Pines CottagesBanjar, Himachal Pradesh, India

If you feel the last few months have dwindled your creativity, you’re not alone. The Whispering Pines Cottage is a magical refuge that will spark your imagination and provide a sanctuary to get away from your daily routine. Hidden high up in the mountains, it’s a place where you can explore the miracle of nature as soon as you wake up, then move on to rejuvenate your mind and body with some nature therapy.

Minivet ClifftopKerala, India

Head to this treehouse on a clifftop that promises a bird’s eye view of God’s own country. It’s the perfect place to draw out the mat and experience true calm, both inside and outside. Surrounded by rainforests, mountains, and plush estates, Minivet Clifftop is the ideal getaway, which will promise leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Walnut Grove Treehouse and SpaMussoorie, Uttarakhand, India

Rising high above the ground, the Walnut Grove Treehouse welcomes you to the great greens of Mussoorie and is truly transcendental. Designed to spoil you with luxury, what will stay with you will be the rustling of leaves, the breeze reminiscent of freedom and a sky that fills you with a renewed sense of calm and peace.

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