Soulful tunes: Kaushik Krish


Meet this musician from Chennai who is making waves with his musical melodies 

By Namita Gupta

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Kaushik Krish is all of 25 and is already on a high in his musical career. Confessing to have nurtured a childhood ambition of being a singer and music composer since his growing up days as a kid, Kaushik couldn’t have asked for anything more when his voice was recognised by many and soon became a hit at the age of 22. His romantic voice in the song Kannala Kannala in the Arvind Swamy starrer Thani Oruvan is still being talked about and he’s already a popular name to reckon with in the South Indian film industry. Kaushik speaks to RITZ Magazine in a free-wheeling interview on his passion for music and his future plans.

“I’m from Chennai. Music has always been my passion and now I’m lucky that it’s turned into my profession. My childhood ambition was to become a music composer. I learnt keyboard and basic Carnatic music when I was 10 years old. Then I started learning keyboard on my own. Then in college when I met Jeeva (Hiphop Tamizha) who was my classmate, I came to know about Aadhi (Hiphop Tamizha) through him. I learnt everything about composing from my friend Jeeva and Aadhi anna and I owe it all to them. My first song as a singer was Kannala kannala and even I had no clue when I sang it, that it would go on to become such a huge hit, as I had tried singing and had sung many songs for a few movies before that. But nothing had worked out,” shares Kaushik, who adds about the challenges he faced initially, “I came to know that my voice was finalised for the song only a day before the album got released. There was no looking back after that. That’s when my journey continued as a sound engineer for Hiphop Tamizha. I worked on the background scoring for their movies. And my second song was from Dhruva (Telugu) and third was “ennanadanthalum” from my brother Aadhi Anna’s movie Meesaya Murukku.”

“After Kannala Kannala, we planned to make an independent music album. I fell in love with making songs for movies and I think music lovers loved me too as I got a very positive feedback. It was tough initially as I had to face many struggles. We used to jam all night and all afternoon at the studio and sleep for a few hours in the morning. Even today we continue with our jamming sessions as we make background scores for movies under our Hiphop Tamizha banner,” says Kaushik.

Letting us in on his upcoming projects, the Loyola College graduate shares, “I’m doing music direction for a movie called ‘odavum mudiyadhu oliyavum mudiyadhu which is directed by the YouTube sensation “yeruma saani” team. I’m making a debut as a music director with this movie. All the YouTube stars like Eruma Saani, Madras Central (Gopi and Sudhakar) Temple Monkey (Shara bro) Munishkanth are in it. Clapboard production (Sathyamurthi) is the producer of the movie and he is also acting in this movie. It’s a very positive team and we are positive that it’s going to come out well.”

So is it all work and no play for the workaholic young musician we ask and Kaushik reveals, “I have to give my best in whatever I do and for that a lot of hard work is required, but I do take out some time to unwind. After a movie is released we take out some time to relax. My friends plan for me and we drive over to a hill station or to Mahabalipuram to rejuvenate for our next project. Whenever I’m feeling low, I look at Hiphop Tamizha and it’s my biggest motivation. We also watch a lot of movies together. Infact we watch all the latest releases and never miss a single release.”



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