Sonia Gandhi has telephonic conversation with Lalu Yadav


Congress President Sonia Gandhi called up RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav to enquire about his health. Lalu has returned to active politics after a gap of three years.
Her call came at a time when Lalu Yadav made certain hard hitting comments against the Congress recently and even hinted at a virtual break-up of their alliance. It is also seen as a gesture to save her party’s dwindling alliance with the RJD in Bihar.

Lalu Yadav responded well, he said he was fine and he requested Sonia to convene a meeting of all like-minded parties which are opposed to the BJP.
The RJD had earlier criticized the Congress party for faring badly in the 2020 Bihar Assembly polls where it only managed to secure 20 out of the 70 seats that were allocated in their alliance.
Lalu Yadav had in fact questioned the usefulness of the Congress as a poll partner.He stated ”Should we have parted with a seat so that the Congress loses it and forfeits its deposit.”



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