So fa, so good and so in love


Red is the color of love! Simply Sofas has specially curated this collection in the color red to add a touch of romance, elegance and glamour to your home. Simply Sofas believes that while love is what makes a house a home, adding a few small touches can make your home sparkle and shine. The pieces have been created with much sensitivity, to appeal to the tactile senses and enhance the entire setting with the objective of creating a mood that extends this special day to everyday. Enhance the ambience of your home to create a perfect haven for your loved one.

The Valentine Collection of sofas and accessories at Simply Sofas consists of designs from the Dutch maker Leolux, German specialist Koinor, and Italian master Calligaris, to name a few. The collection includes sofas, armchairs, recliners, table lamps, vases and many more in a wide array of designs and both, fine leather and fabric upholstery.



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