Dabur enters Natural Face Wash Market with brand Gulabari


India’s leading natural personal care company Dabur India Ltd announced the expansion of its Skin Care portfolio with the launch of a bouquet of Rose-based Face Wash products under the brand Gulabari. The range includes three products — Dabur Gulabari White Rose Soft Fairness Face Wash, Dabur Gulabari Pink Rose Soft Daily Face Wash and Dabur Gulabari Black Rose Soft Pimple Control Face Wash – that have been specially developed to cater to the different skin care needs of a teenage girl.


“The teenage skin, which often loses its softness over time by using harsh cleansing products, requires special care. Rose, which is known for its therapeutic properties, enlivens inner beauty, helping the skin radiate inner glow. It’s also the perfect beauty partner for a teenager. Dabur Gulabari derives its uniqueness from rose extracts used in the products. The new Gulabari Face Wash range is specially meant for teenage girls and is packed with the same goodness of Rose that keeps all the teenage skin problems at bay while keeping it soft like a rose. The different colours of rose often connote different emotions, and hence have been used in the Face Wash range to denote the individual benefits of each product,” Dabur India Ltd marketing Head-Skin Care & Salon Ms Minoo Phakey said.

The new Dabur Gulabari Face Washes will be available in 3 SKUs: 100ml for Rs 99; 50ml for Rs 55 and a trail pack of 15ml for Rs 15.



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