SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO opens first exhibition, My Favorite Peanuts


SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO opens April 23, 2016 with first exhibition, My Favorite Peanuts 

The Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center and Sony Creative Products Inc. have announced that the Snoopy Museum Tokyo will open its doors April 23, 2016 in Roppongi, Tokyo. This temporary museum, which will be open for two and one-half years, is the first outside of the United States dedicated to the art of Charles M. Schulz, with its founding museum—Charles M. Schulz Museum—located where Schulz lived in Santa Rosa, California.


My Favorite Peanuts, the first of five rotating exhibitions organized by staff at the Charles M. Schulz Museum, features an engaging selection of approximately 60 original comic strips specially selected by Jean Schulz, the wife of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz. These strips reflect her favorite themes in Peanuts. The exhibition also includes personal gifts she has received from fans over the years.

Each of the rotating exhibitions offers a unique experience where visitors can view original comic strips, early works by Charles Schulz, vintage merchandise, and other valuable artifacts from the collection of the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Snoopy Museum Tokyo’s museum store, named BROWN’S STORE, features products specially designed for the Museum. Cafe Blanket offers Peanuts-related food and drinks.

The opening exhibition of the Snoopy Museum is MY FAVORITE PEANUTS, featuring sixty of Charles M. Schulz’s original Peanuts cartoons, personally selected by his wife, Jean Schulz.

Snoopy Museum

Jean will share the stories behind her favorite Peanuts artworks, such as a treasured comic strip that her husband personally colored and gave her for Valentine’s Day, and a charming series of cartoons that uses the very nickname she called him by⎯“Sweet Babboo.”

These original and specially selected artworks express the warmth of the cartoonist, his strong love towards family, and the secrets behind his iconic cast of characters.



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