Odissi Danseuse Sharmila Mukerjee present ‘Sookshma’


Noted Odissi Danseuse Sharmila Mukerjee and her troupe Sanjali present ‘Sookshma’

An Odissi Dance Ballet based on the Kannada folktale ‘A flowering Tree’ by AK Ramanujan 

Leading Odissi dancer Sharmila Mukerjee along with her ensemble Sanjali presented ‘Sookshma’, an Odissi dance ballet based on the Kannada Folktale ‘ A Flowering tree’ by AK Ramanujan on Saturday, 16th April 2016 at ADA Rangamandira.

The spectacular classical event ‘Sookshma’ is a part of Pravaha 2016 – a dance festival hosted by Guru Sharmila Mukerjee and Sanjali Centre for  Odissi dance, in sacred remembrance of legendary Odissi dancer, Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. Sookshma is a unique blend of Kannada folklore and Odissi. It is the first and one of a kind attempt to embrace Kannada culture , through the threads of Odissi.

On the occasion, danseuse Sharmila Mukerjee said “ It’s wonderful to see the tremendous amount of interest for an eastern dance form like Odissi in a city that is dominated by Bharatanatyam. The love and support from the audience encourages me to create performances that leaves a lasting impression. ‘Sookshma’ is one such performance that has a strong  social message about the destruction of the environment.  It is a powerful narrative that brings out the similarities between a woman and a tree.  Nature has been seen as an embodiment of all characteristics of a woman.  Nature is as selfless as a woman. It endlessly gives.  Sookshma voices the ethos of womanhood, nature and the compelling need to respect both, alike”

Sookshma revolves around a woman’s selflessness and her ability to give. It talks about a woman who is blessed with the ability to transform into a flowering tree. As the name suggests, Sookshma  is the subtle, intangible, all pervading  spirit that manifests in the form of a boon in the protagonist. The flowers in abundance bring progressive changes in the lives of her sisters, until her tale meets a twist.

Supported by Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Sookshma has been choreographed and directed by Sharmila Mukerjee. Music for Sookshma has been composed by Shri Debashish Sarkar from Kolkata and the script  is by Krishna raj Bhat from Bangalore.

With an ensemble of 15 performers, Sookshma is a combination of beauty, pathos and simplicity.



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