Slovakia gets first woman President


Environmental lawyer Zuzana Caputova is all set to become the first woman President of Slovakia. The provisional results show that she is  the winner. The 45 year old political novice ran on a slogan ‘Stand up to evil.’ The ongoing President  Andrej Kiska said that currently Slovakia is in a moral crisis and it needs a President like Zuzana Caputova and that many countries envy them for they have chosen a President who symbolises values like decency. Caputova won an award in 2016 for successfully blocking a planned landfill in the hometown of Pezinok.

More recently she took to the streets after an investigative journalist was gunned down along with his fiance in February 2018. The European Parliament has urged Caputova to look into the possible political links to the crimes.She said that she would initiate systematic changes  and would deprive prosecutors and the police of political influence.



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