Kerala woman starved to death


A 27 year old woman from Kerala ,Thushara mother of two kids is suspected to have been denied food over the issue of  dowry at her husband’s house at  Oyur in Kollam district,Kerala. Women’s Commission has started their enquiry probing into the crime . She was taken to the government hospital in an emaciated state by  her husband on March 21st where she breathed her last. Her body has been sent to the Government Medical College Hospital Thiruvananthapuram for  post mortem examination.  The Police have arrested  her husband Chanthulal and his mother  Geetha Lal. charging them with murder.

The investigating officer found that Thushara  weighed only 20 kgs at the time of  her death. Her mother Vijayalakshmi alleged that her son in law was  torturing her daughter and did  not even allow her family to meet her and that they did not lodge any police complaint as it would have put her daughter’s life in danger. Thushara has left behind two healthy children aged 3  and 1 1/2 years.The Chairperson of the Women’s Commission M C Josephine said that the alleged crime had led to public outcry.. She said that cases of gender violence  was on the upward spiral and legal strategies would be initiated soon  to detect and prosecute cases of gender violence.



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