Simon Taufel Launches His First Book


Star Umpire Simon Taufel launched his first book ‘Finding Gaps – Transferable skills to be the best you can be’ recently. Simon Taufel was in conversation with a friend, associate and sports media personality Bagawati Prasad and shared many insights into the book and what inspired him to write it.

A stellar career in umpiring, coaching, training and administration have taught Simon Taufel what it takes to get to number one and stay there. This book is a way of sharing those lessons and transferable soft skills that can be applied to anyone or any vocation.

Simon Taufel is a five-time ICC Umpire of the Year and has been a part of ICC’s Elite Panel of Umpires, till he retired in 2012. He later took over as ICC’s Umpire Performance and Training Manager and remained in this role till September 2016. He now lives in his hometown in New South Wales and travels the world, to speak at business institutions and train executives in leadership, values and integrity.




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