Signature casual line label “Emblaze”




Young designer Masumi R Mewawalla launches her signature design label – “Emblaze” that blends urban quirk and luxe elegance to create pure magic. With an exclusive range of prêt clothing for men and women, the label offers an eclectic mix of western casuals, semi-formal and formal attire.

“Emblaze” derives its roots from a beautiful word that means ‘to light up’ or ‘to glow’. It is an inventive new label with a desire to be the next trailblazers of high fashion in India. With refreshing silhouettes, interesting color palettes and tasteful detailing, every piece of apparel is been from a spark.

The new collection is trendy and breezy; western and stylish; and has all the elements of vogue and fashion. The colours are bright and fresh giving the collection a classic outlook. The clothes are comfortable, airy, and modish and come in affordable prices. There are even fashionable crop tops and chic style dresses for day to day life.

Mumbai based Designer Masumi R Mewawalla says, “Emblaze means to illuminate and my new collection is very radiant. Even if I have used many light colours, the outfits illuminate lot of brightness and embellish smoothness. My new collection “Emblaze” is all about fashion along with comfort for the everyday wear – college, office,lounge,party wear. It will soon mark a brand name in the casual wear for men and women both”



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