Sidharth Malhotra finds love again, and it’s not with a girl!


Sidharth has always been an animal lover. While he can’t stop talking about Oscar (his dog) back home, Sidharth has made new friends with Hector dolphins, seals and penguins on an adventure with Black Cat Cruises in New Zealand. Sidharth was in no mood to leave his new buddies that he met while swimming at the Akaroa Harbour.


We’re sure; these pictures are the cutest things you have seen today!

  • Akaroa Harbour – Black Cat Cruises
  • Akaroa is a harbour settlement on Canterbury’s Banks Peninsula and was a onetime French colony.
  • Akaroa translates from Maori to ‘Long Harbour’
  • Akaroa is just a 90-minute drive from downtown Christchurch.
  • Akaroa Harbour is home to the White Flippered Blue Penguin, the smallest penguin in the world, several different bird species, the endangered yellow-eyed penguin, New Zealand Fur Seals and New Zealand’s native dolphin the Hector’s dolphin.
  • Black Cat Cruises was New Zealand’s first ecotourism operator.
  • A respect for the environment is of the utmost importance to Black Cat Cruises who work closely with the Department of Conservation to ensure the marine mammals of New Zealand are protected and that their conservation is a top priority.


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