Comfort Zone Skincare Treatments at Bounce & Oryza, Chennai


Comfort Zone Longevity Day at Bounce Salon & Oryza Spa is amazing!

Comfort Zone represents a complete system of care for the skin, body and soul. Unlike a lot of skincare brands which look at skin in a superficial way and have short term results, Comfort Zone seeks to promote a holistic, healthy and long term sustainable beauty, backed by science and strengthened by passion.
RITZ went in to try a facial at the Oryza Spa in Nungambakkam . It was a wonderfully relaxing experience . Comfort Zone ensures that your skin is taken care of at the spa was well as providing products for use at home to ensure you’re skin is always glowing. The facial concentrated on areas of problems that you discuss with them before hand showing a clear difference in your skin after. If you haven’t already gone there, make an appointment right now! We highly recommend it !


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