Shruti Haasan Makes It To The List Of ‘100 Most Influential People In Asia 2020’


Shruti Haasan is all known for her impeccable fashion tales and melodious compositions. She is a chef, actress, singer, composer, artist, and whatnot. Holding abode of talents, she is definitely an inspiration to all the youngsters out there. Being the daughter of the legendary actor, she carved a niche for herself and proved her prowess on the screen with an amazing screen presence. And she has finally made it to the ‘100 Most Influential People In Asia 2020’.

Shruti took it to social media to share this happy news with her fans in a small video. In the post, Shruti said that she is happy to be chosen as one of the ‘100 Most Influential People In Asia 2020’ and expressed her gratitude. Shruti also said that she had a lovely chat with Kiran Rai about her life, career, and choices so far.



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