Nakkhul And Sruti Speak Up About Stigma Surrounding Pregnancy


Nakkhul and his wife Sruti announced their pregnancy on social media a month ago. While the happy couple, thanked fans and well-wishers for their congratulatory messages, they also spoke up about pertinent issues surrounding pregnancy and societal pressure in a post on Instagram recently.

“We would like to share some of our thoughts which we have been contemplating for a while now,” the duo began the post, going on to speak about some of the questions one should never ask expectant parents. “When a couple decides to take the family route, it is one of the most personal decisions, be it a common man or a public figure. Questions like- It has been so long since you’ve been married now, when is the good news? Thank god people will now stop asking you about when you will have a baby. Now that you are pregnant, I hope you have a boy…among many questions that should not be asked,” their post read. They also added that they were not having the baby because of social pressure, further throwing light on the importance of fighting against peer and societal pressure. “If you are going to succumb to every single social and peer pressure, you will never end up living your life the way you want. This year has been extra hard on all of us. Let us try to learn, grow, be kind, and empathetic to one another. We all need it more than ever,” they said, signing off.


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