Shraddha Srinath Slams Patriarchy As She Wishes Newlyweds Varun And Natasha


Shraddha Srinath is known for speaking her mind. Recently, Shraddha posted stories, about Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan getting married to his girlfriend Natasha Dalal. And though Shraddha was joking, she sure had a valid point to make. In her first post, Shraddha mimicked the common reaction that women actors get when they announce their marriage plans. Only, she was speaking about Varun Dhawan and it obviously sounded absurd when applied to a male actor since they’re not stereotyped like their female counterparts.

“Another good actor bites the dust. Sad that we will not see him on screen again. Obviously, his wife and in laws will not be okay with him acting with other heroines. Maybe he will switch to doing male-oriented films? But how to balance personal life and work-life ya. Tough. Will miss him. Congratulations though, Varun,” she wrote.

In response to some irritated Varun Dhawan’s followers who clearly missed the point that she was making, Shraddha later wrote: “I took a jibe at patriarchy yesterday. I merely switched genders. And it sounded like a joke, right? It sounded absurd to you all when I said an actor will have to retire from work because he’s getting married. Why doesn’t it sound just as absurd when the same assumptions are made about an actress?” she asked.



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