SHEENAZ –E-AROOSA A tale of Bridal Glory by Aaliya Deeba


Our latest collection “SHEENAZ-E-AROOSA” celebrates bridal glory. All our ensembles are inspired by the rich culture and heritage of India and unique blend of embroideries. Every piece is unique, extremely, luxurious and splendid. Our latest lavish bridal collection 2021 bring your richly layered with intricate embroideries and artisanal embellishments dipped into festive hues features many masterpieces and majestic design for this winter festive season. Seamless ensemble enriched with floral motifs and homochromatic details. The meticulous weaving uses zardosi, kardana sequin, pearls, and beads.

The extraordinary details along the flawless neckline and sleeves region make the outfit an illustration of astounding hand-tailored. Ethereal elegance drawn on the outfit makes it look whimsical and just like a fairytale in itself. Every outfit of Sheenaz-e-arooza has its own NOVEL. A perfect pick for an intimate wedding.A collection celebrating the bride’s moments, beauty, and wholesome spirit to enjoy festive seasons of life. Our garments are the expressions of our brides’ joy and happiness. For us, the most important thing is to be able to capture their dreams and able to weave that magic into our garment designs. It’s truly the grandeur art we use in our garment making that expresses itself without even needing to say a word. We weave the love and magic our brides envisage on the most joyous moment of their life.   Hope you enjoy the journey as much as we enjoyed creating it.

It has been a truly inspirational journey as a founder and creative designer of Ideebs London. When I moved to India from London leaving behind my settled life, I knew it was going to be challenging to start my own new label. It’s the level of effort and learning I had to go through has been truly transformative. As a creative designer, I get involved in all the activities of the firm to make sure our garments are truly royalty. The journey has been both challenging and empowering.



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