She Gets It From Her Mama


Daughters are quite often a reflection of their mothers. They look up to them in most ways and aspire to be like them, too. Mothers, on the other hand, play the most important in molding a daughter, with not just the right values but also support and strength. With changing times, today’s mothers are more their daughters’ friends than ever before – it truly is the only secret to a happy mother-daughter relationship. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we found one such duo where you see a perfect balance between friendship and parenting. In conversation with the lovely actress Megha Akash and her mother Bindu, we learned all about their bond. This tight-knit mama and daughter will inspire families everywhere to celebrate the women in their lives not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.



What is the one quality you’ve acquired from your mother?

The one quality that I think and hope that I have acquired from my mother is her kindness.

One thing about parenting, you’ve learnt from her and will implement with your kids?

I think the one thing I will implement with my kids is to try and be a friend to them. Just the way she is to me, because of which I feel like I can share anything with her. So, no matter how tough or hard a situation might be, I just know I have her and she’d understand me. Hopefully, my kids feel the same way.

Is there anything you’d do differently while bringing up your kids?

No, I don’t think there is anything I’d like to do differently.

What is the one thing you two usually always disagree upon?

I don’t think there is anything major. The things we disagree upon would be sports as we always like different players or teams! But apart from that, there’s nothing major.

How do you two usually spend time together?

We mostly end the day by talking to each other and telling each other how our day went. Communication plays a very important role in being the foundation of any relationship. Like most mother-daughters, we also love going to movies and shopping together!

Any distinctive memory or story of her – from your growing years?

The story I remember most is the first time she left me and went abroad on work. I think that was very hard for me to accept as a child, as I was and am very attached to my mother. So those few days were really hard – the sudden void of not having her around and not knowing how to go about things with her being away. That’s something I can never forget.

How supportive was she when you decided your profession?

Thankfully, that’s one thing I’ve never had to worry about. My parents have always been very, very supportive of whatever I wanted to do. They made me believe that I could achieve anything I want, with their support. So when I told her I wanted to be an actor she was very supportive and she almost gave up her life, to help me live out my dream!

“I still need my mum’s approval for every little or big thing I do” -Megha

How would you describe the bond with your mum?

My bond with my mom is very special as I have always been very attached to her. I still need her approval for every little or big thing I do. And I guess her opinion matters the most to me. I can say that she definitely is my best friend.

Describe your mum in a few words…

She is definitely my Captain Marvel. Because not only is she a wonderful mother but also manages my work, is an ad film director, a wife, and a wonderful human being. To me, she is nothing short of a superhero.

This Mother’s Day is there anything you’d like to say to your mother – that you haven’t said already?

The only thing I would like to thank her for giving up so much of her life and helping me live my dream – and that I love her.


When you were younger, what kind of a mother did you want to be?

I did not plan what kind of mother I’d be before having my daughter. But once I became a mother, it was very important for me to be there for her always. So I quit my job for five years and was always with her. It was after that, that I balanced it with my work. Even today, being there for her is what’s most important. Having said that, I do not mean to say that work is not my priority, but life is about balancing it out. I try and make sure that I’m around Megha whenever she needs me.

How did your own upbringing reflect upon bringing up your daughter?

I come from a family which values traditions, yet is very open-minded. So that helped me in bringing her up for sure. Being a good human being is what I keep telling her is the most important thing and I feel, she’s got that part quite well.

What was the transition like when you went from being someone’s child to someone’s parent?

My mother did everything for me so when I became one I understood the sacrifices she had made for me… trust me it is the biggest joy yet the toughest thing.

“We are friends, yet the mother-daughter bond is there too. She seeks my guidance and I give her space” -Bindu

Tell us something about Megha as a baby…

Megha was very sweet and obedient as a child who wasn’t fussy about anything. She ate whatever I made and hardly troubled me. She was an extremely happy child.

What do you call her with love?

I call her Megs, Megi or Memchu. She’s now a beautiful, young lady – what stands out in your mind about the teenage years. Tell us a story? I remember a very fat Megs coming to me and telling me she wants to lose weight. And I started taking her for aerobics classes. (Smiles)

What has given you the most joy as a mother?

Just being her mother is the greatest joy. For me, the role of a mother is the one I enjoy the most.

What advice would you give to her for the next generations before she begins her own family?

The same that my parents taught me – to be a great human being, kind, have values and be open minded.

How would you describe your bond now?

We are friends, yet the mother-daughter bond is there too. She seeks my guidance and I give her space. We understand each other perfectly. The balance and relationship between any parent and child are only established after figuring out what works for both sides. One needs to come midway and understand how to let the other person be themselves while having them around.

Describe your daughter in a few words…

Megha is shy, emotional and talks really less, but she can give her life for the people she loves. She rarely fights with people – I top that list (laughs) and maybe some of her very close friends. She’s a delight.



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