Shaking It UP: Sebastian Krishan


Hyderabad’s cocktail scene is finally growing up, catering to the city’s thirst for different, taste and well-presented drinks. The credit for which goes to those men behind the bar, who spend hours in learning how to mix spirits, to give your drink the perfect taste. This month, we caught up with some mixologists from the city, in order to know them and their work a tad-bit better.

By Anahita Ahuja

Name: Sebastian Krishan 

Working as:

Brand Ambassador (South) Diageo India Pvt Ltd 

Favourite cocktail:

An “Old Fashioned” as it is a gentlemen’s drink. It has a strong flavour of citrus and bitters and it is easy to hold for a long time without losing its essence. 

Most versatile drink:

A “Johnnie Ginger” – it comes from Johnnie Walker Red label and the drink is sweet from ginger ale which gives little ginger honey flavour and drink is finished with drop of bitters for aroma. 

One cocktail trend you’d like to see disappear:

The underlying myth many people have is that a cocktail is a sweet drink. The trend is kept on by the bartenders by using mainly artificial flavours available in the market. 

A perfect cocktail is… That with the perfect Presentation, Balance of Flavour and Aroma, Measure, Structure and Technique. 

Bar essentials:

Good quality ice, perfect glassware and fine spirits.



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