Shaking It UP: Chapay Anand Kumar


Hyderabad’s cocktail scene is finally growing up, catering to the city’s thirst for different, taste and well-presented drinks. The credit for which goes to those men behind the bar, who spend hours in learning how to mix spirits, to give your drink the perfect taste. This month, we caught up with some mixologists from the city, in order to know them and their work a tad-bit better.

By Anahita Ahuja

Name: Chapay Anand Kumar 

Working at:

Zero40 Brewing Hyderabad

Favourite cocktail: Old Fashioned Made with Johnny Walker Double Black. 

Most versatile drink:

A Rob Roy as it’s a classic cocktail with perfect balance of sweet, Bitter and Mild Flavours made in 1890’s and made exclusively with scotch whiskey. 

One cocktail trend you’d like to see disappear:

The thought of people thinking that a cocktail is only for ladies. 

A perfect cocktail is…

the one that balances the flavours of ingredients with the right temperature and the technique how it is made with an eye appealing garnish and the glassware it is served in. 

Bar essentials:

Jigger, bar spoon and shakers.



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