Shake a Leg!: Punarjani School of Dance


Dance has always been synonymous to a passion for deep rooted tradition and culture. While it continues to hold true for classical styles, the modern, contemporary and fusion styles of dance breaks all the stereotypes associated with the former. With its varied forms, dance has today become not just a part of health and fitness but also mental and physical rejuvenation. It is a passion that people choose to embrace as a part of their lifestyle! With dance schools burgeoning at every nook and corner, RITZ checks out what some of the top schools in Kochi has to offer!

Text: Riya Sonny Datson

Punarjani School of Dance: This dance school which has more than a decade of experience is run by Narayani Anoop and offers classes in traditional dance forms.

Where: Panampilly Nagar, Kochi

Forms of Dance: Bharatnatyam

What to Expect: There is no age bar to learn and perform the art. At Punarjani, we don’t believe in churning out dolls who use dance technicalities but shape the inner artist with their own signature according to the rules of Natyashastra!

Contact: 94959 33088



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