The Sea Food Festival at Ibis Hotel


The Sea Food Festival at Ibis Hotel has become a great attraction to the lovers of seafood in the coastal region and those living in the growing metropolis of Chennai. On the 10-day festival held under the theme ‘From the Sea to the Table’, PS Chitra, Chef de Partie, said they aim to showcase the different types of seafood, mostly customized to suit the taste buds of the customers, who throng the hotel in large numbers. “We are also planning to extend the Ala Carte for a month based on its reception and success,” added Chitra.

“The mix and match dishes are the preferred ones by the customers across the spectrum,” stated Chitra. Ibis hotels in India have the common breakfast menu with some variations to suit the local tastes, she confided that the most interesting thing about the Ibis hotels is that all of them have the longest breakfast starting at 4 am and ending at noon.



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