Say hello to Happy Sundays only at Deccan Pavilion!



Kakatiya Sunday Symphony Brunch has a variety of western options and an authentic cuisine of Indian delicacies. It includes guest interactive stations from cuisines of the world, Tex Mex, Mediterranean and Italian. The vast selection of sea food and meat make a perfect grill section. The salad varieties touch the spark of European individually plated and garnished adequately. An array of colourful display of classic charcutiere featuring French terrine, Milano Salami, Cognac liver pate… Dimsums are also included on the brunch to give it an Asian Flavour. Gourmet’s delightful desserts are exhibited, tantalizing towards Swiss Chocolate, Arabian nuts and the likes of it.

Unwind  and  engulf your senses by enjoying the Live band “Flashback” in an absolute lively milieu!

Add spirit to your festivities with a toast of sparkling and a range of premium beverages as well.

Join us for a gourmet brunch every Sunday featuring the finest variety of food. Gather your friends and family and indulge on a variety of international cuisine.


When – Sundays only

Where – Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya Hyderabad



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