SaPa hosts international luminaries in Music


The Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts is hosting music professors from Norway. SaPa, started by acclaimed violinist Dr.L Subramaniam and his singer wife Kavita Krishnamurthy, is as part of its collaboration with Rikskonsertene – the Norwegian cultural organization, hosting a week-long programme for teachers from SaPa. Vegar Storsve and Brit Agot Broske will work with both music and non-music teachers, giving them relevant teaching tools.


The idea is to expose faculty members at SaPa and its affiliate schools to global music and eventually pass on the learnings to students for their overall development in music. Over 50 teachers will be trained by the professors during this period with a focus on creating sustainability and development through music education.

Commenting on this, Bindu SubramaniamDean, SaPa, said, “It gives me great pleasure to be associated with one of the top cultural institutes in Europe. With teachers from the Norwegian Academy of Music working closely with the faculty members of SaPa and its affiliate schools, it’s a great opportunity for them to be exposed to international music and teaching methods.”

“They also have an annual visit for their students who spend a week at SaPa to learn Indian music. The idea is to provide students a holistic view of music, and allow exchange of ideas by breaking cultural boundaries,” added Bindu.

“The trainings are part of our larger vision to integrate music into the school curriculum, and to serve that vision, we also have a workshop on how music can be used by non-music teachers as well. The objective is to promote music among children and make them aware of our rich art and culture,” added Ambi Subramaniam, Assistant Dean, SaPa.



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