Sanjay Dutt goes all out for Panipat


Bollywood icon Sanjay Dutt is currently shooting in Jaipur for Ashutosh Gowariker’s Panipat. The actor has completed one and a half month schedule shooting in Jaipur. He is not only hitting the gym for a desired physique of the King Ahmad Shah Durrani but the actor is making sure he perfects his art in carrying the heavy armour.

Reports reveal that Sanjay Dutt is wearing one of the heaviest armours till date which weighs around 35 kilos, Sanjay Dutt would hit the gym early in the morning so that he could perform to the best of his ability. The actor also wore a traditional headgear of a king. The armour is inspired by the armour worn by the kings during that era.

Earlier, last year when the actor went for a hair, make-up and costume trials, the armour was specially designed according to Dutt’s personality. Sanjay Dutt has a packed schedule this year with more than 5 films in the pipeline. Panipat also stars Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon in the leading roles. It is scheduled for November 2019 release.



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