Sameera Reddy On Turning 42


Sameera Reddy who will be turning 42 in a couple of days took to social media to pen a heartfelt note on acceptance and appearances.

She wrote, “No Botox , no filter , nothing. It’s easy to doubt ourselves at many points. Especially when we grow a year older a few years ago I almost caved under pressure that we inflict on ourselves! I wanted to cover up my age with a million fixes and I’m so grateful I chose not to . I’m at peace with myself and that’s priceless . It was hard especially after being in business that was all about appearances. I got such sweet msgs from women saying how happy they felt I openly said I was turning 42 this month because it reminded them to embrace and enjoy the process themselves. Letting go of all fears, feeling good at any age and most important making peace with ones body and mind is really exhilarating. happiness is in your hands.”



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