144 Floors Of Abu Dhabi’s Mina Plaza Demolished In 10 Seconds


Abu Dhabi’s iconic conic Mina Plaza, which comprises four 165-metre high towers, was reduced to dust and rubbles in just 10 seconds. As many as 144 floors of the plaza were successfully demolished in a record 10 seconds on November 27. It has set a new Guinness World Record of ‘tallest building demolished using explosives’.

The demolition, which involved the use of 6000 kg plastic explosives and detonator cord, was done at 8 AM, following which the skyline of Abu Dhabi changed completely even though it lasted for only 10 seconds.

According to reports, the controlled implosion was carried out to pave the way for the redevelopment of a three million square-metre port area. It was part of the second phase of a mega project that involves the redevelopment of Mina Zayed.



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