Samantha Akkineni Takes To Gardening, Harvest Cabbage Microgreens


Samantha Akkineni has taken up gardening as her new hobby during self-quarantine. Recently, she harvested her first batch of cabbage microgreens. Often, she shares photos and videos from her cooking classes. She took to Instagram lately to reveal that she harvested her first batch of cabbage microgreens, which she grew on her own in her bedroom.

Sharing a series of photos of her harvesting the microgreens, she wrote, “My first harvest of cabbage microgreens.” The actress also gave her fans a step-by-step guide on how to grow and harvest microgreens at home.


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My first harvest of cabbage microgreens ?.. For those of you interested in growing your own … all you need is a tray , cocopeat , seeds and a cool room (I used my bedroom ) that has a window that lets sunlight partially in .. if the tray isn’t getting much sunlight , a bed side lamp can be placed near it .. ?? Step 1: fill the tray with cocopeat … leave room at the top Step 2: sprinkle the seeds Step 3: spray water generously till the cocopeat is completely moist and cover the tray. Place the tray in the coolest area of your house next to a window .. if there is less sunlight you can use a bedside lamp (I did that ) . Leave it for 4 days .. (you can check on it everyday you ll see it sprout ) . On the 5th day remove the cover of the tray and spray water generously once everyday .. By day 8 your microgreens are ready to harvest upto day 14 ?… I got my seeds from @zeptogreens .. happy gardening ?

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Samantha has been treating her fans to photos and videos of her cooking classes with nutritionist Sridevi Jasti. The actress is learning about healthy cooking and sustainable living. Samantha is spending ample time with her husband Naga Chaitanya and their pet dog Hash Akkineni at her home in Hyderabad. She will begin shooting for her upcoming Kollywood film with director Ashwin Saravanan once the pandemic is down. She will also make her digital debut with The Family Man 2.



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