Samantha Akkineni Reveals She Loves Doing Couple Yoga


From learning cooking to growing her own greens, Samantha Akkineni has been making the most of quarantine by indulging in various activities. And now the actress enjoys doing couple yoga with Naga Chaitanya in lockdown and gives us major couple fitness goals.

Sam revealed that she loves doing couple yoga with her actor-husband Naga Chaitanya. However, she didn’t share a picture of Chay in her Instagram post. Sharing a photo of herself nailing an asana, Samantha wrote, “Apart from gardening.. something I’ve been really enjoying is Yoga especially because @chayakkineni and I do it together …?? #mytimewithyou #couplesyoga .. also we have the super best trainer @fly_santhosh who’s just insane.”

She further added that she’s working on taking a picture with Chaitanya. “chay isn’t in this picture but I am working on it,” she posted.

Samantha is spending her time taking care of her pet dog Hash Akkineni. In addition, she also signed up for classes with nutritionist Sridevi Jasti to learn about healthy eating and sustainable living. Recently, she set up a terrace garden and is growing her own vegetables and greens. In an earlier post, she said that she has finally found a hobby, which is not acting.



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