Russian man claiming to be reincarnation of Jesus arrested


Sergei Torop aka Vissarion, a former traffic officer has been arrested by a Special Operation in Siberia as he claimed to be a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He has been running a cult based in the depths of Siberia for the past three decades.

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY Alissa DE CARBONNEL “Vissarion the Teacher”, or “Jesus of Siberia”, Russian ex-traffic cop Sergei Torop meets with his followers in the remote village of Petropavlovka on August 18, 2009. For thousands of followers, Vissarion is no less than the second coming of Jesus of Nazareth, reincarnated 2,000 years after his crucifixion, deep in the Siberian wilderness. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER NEMENOV (Photo credit should read ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Two of his aides were also arrested by armed officers as they were charged with running an illegal religious organization that allegedly extorted money from followers and subjected them to emotional abuse. Sergei is 59 years old, he has long grey hair and sports a long beard. He lost his job as a traffic officer in 1989 and began the present movement called the Church of the Last Testament. It has several thousand followers. Veganism is enforced and monetary exchange is banned inside the commune.



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