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Designer duo Prasansha Saha and Ashish Tagra speak to Asmita Aggarwal about Aharin, and how Indian motifs and history continue to inspire the two…

Deep-rooted in crafts and culture, Aharin is a brand that aspires to break down all boundaries and bring together a close-cultural outlook. Aharin literally means a collection of beautiful things brought together by the diverse duo Prasansha & Ashish. They started their endeavoring journey in May 2011, building a strong influence towards Indian traditions.

AHARIN collection 7

The collection uses hand drawn bold motifs sketched by Prasansha herself. The motifs are then worked upon by a class of antique embroideries, traditional silhouettes, a strong play of hand dying and colors to add the Indian festivity to it.

Every piece is created with a view to relate to the culture and feel a deep sense of royalty. Prasansha and her majestic work are inspired by Indian crafts. She had worked with major cluster development of Bidri, block prints and an exquisite work of Zardozi, cotton blends, and colors. Her style and sensibilities awaits an era promising more than just fashion and style.

“I design because I feel for it” says Prasansha, a NIFT graduate with the recognition of Most Creative Design Collection and the Persis Khambata Award in 2007. “I love what I do and I can relate myself to it,” she stresses on what inspires her creative streaks and designs.

While Prasansha uses hand-drawn motifs, Ashish embraces an aesthetic approach to every detail in design. A curator with an extraordinary skill-set, he always creates a piece of history in his visionary approach. The bold Indian look, antique costumes, and the traditional drapes & dresses of the Royal is what expresses Ashish’s interests at best.

Shop this designer at various designer outlets and exclusively at their Web shop at www.aharin.com/shopnow.

Price range: Rs 24,000-36,000



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