Romantic foods that Boost the Day of love


With February 14 here, it’s time to read up on aphrodisiac foods you should try to eat today. From honey to hot chillies and even garlic, check out natural aphrodisiac foods that boost the day of love.  Aphrodisiac foods are nature’s gifts to the romantically-inclined because they are said to increase sexual desire. Scientific evidence is hard to come by, but several foods are touted to have aphrodisiac properties and libido-boosting effects. In any case, certain foods have mood-boosting qualities that can’t be argued with. So, with Valentine’s Day 2019 here, it’s time to read up on foods you can eat today


Compounds in cacao, from which chocolates are made, often touted to have an aphrodisiac effect, particularly in women. However, studies provide little evidence to support this very popular belief.


It has allegedly been used for centuries to bring romance into marriages. One variety called “mad honey” is even marketed as a sexual stimulant, according to a study by US-based, National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Hot Chillies

According to a popular belief, capsaicin, the compound that gives hot chillies their spiciness, stimulates nerve endings on the tongue, causing the release of sex drive-boosting chemicals. However, no studies support this belief.


Alcohol may act as an aphrodisiac by helping both men and women relax and get in the mood. However, heavy drinking may actually reduce arousal and sexual function, so moderation is key.


Garlic is one of the “sexist” foods you can eat because it’s high in allicin. It is a chemical compound that increases blood flow in a big way, which in turn increases energy and enhances stamina.



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