Ritu Kumar Home Collaborates With Interior Designer Ashiesh Shah


Offering a seamless fusion of their creative outlooks and design sensibilities, Ritu Kumar Home collaborates with the Atelier Ashiesh Shah to introduce an exclusive edition collection in their home decor range that is knitted with design narratives across the cities of Amer, Jaisalmer, and Kochi. Capturing the essence of deeply rooted cultures and traditions in these regions, the collections pay homage to the local history and cultural craftsmanship perfected over the years.

Featuring a wide range of bed linen, wallpapers, tableware, and home décor, the collection translates the design, tonal and textural characteristics of each of these cities into a versatile and modern selection of pieces to infuse any space with a sophisticated warmth. Inspired by travel and the country’s diverse heritage, each element in the new collection perfectly displays a minimal aesthetic with simplistic details and a hint of texture.

Among the collections are ‘Cochin’, enveloped in tones of green and gold, reminiscent of the scenic beauty and lush greenery of Kochi; ‘Desert’ which draws inspiration from the unending dunes of the desert of Jaisalmer while celebrating the versatility of the color palette and captures the essence of the region by shades of beige, brown and maroon; as well as ‘Amer’ that showcases the thoroughly detailed architecture of the region embodying the richness and royalty that is synonymous with the historical-cultural heritage of the Royals with a contemporary flair.

Talking about the collaboration, Amrish Kumar, Director, and Creative Director Ritu Kumar said, “We’re thrilled to announce our first collaboration for Ritu Kumar Home with the iconic architect and interior designer, Ashiesh Shah, marking the beginning of a very exciting year ahead for the brand. Through this range, we’ve explored the contemporizing of craftsmanship and offered a modern take of the region’s cultural heritage. We hope to continuously recognize the pulse of the consumer and offer the finest and choicest collections.”

Ashiesh Shah, Principal and Founder, Atelier Ashiesh Shah, added, “After two years of intense research and brainstorming, we are excited to launch our very first collaboration with Ritu Kumar Home. We view this convergence as a precedent to many more multidisciplinary collaborations infusing our thought process at Atelier Ashiesh Shah for a seamlessly synchronised pairing. Drawing inspiration from traditional Indian fashion, the collections are truly a celebration of the rich cultural and architectural diversity presented with a contemporary flair serving as a platform for textile and design to blend into one another.”



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