Osho Dham Presents ‘Buddha Of Gandhara’ By Anubodhi


As a message of peace and dhamma, Osho Dham presents ‘Buddha of Gandhara’, an exhibition of paintings by Artist Ma Anubodhi at OshoDham marking the 90th birth anniversary of Osho. Through her array of paintings (oil on canvas), Anubodhi attempts to remind audiences about the once-thriving center of trade along the Silk Road – Gandhara. Anubodhi’s works resurrect the essence of Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara and embrace the very journey of Buddha statues which started from Gandhara itself. Reflection of the local tribes from the area is seen on the diverse renditions of statues of Buddha ranging from Persian, Greek, Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese which has been encapsulated by the artist in her paintings.

The teachings of Gautam Buddha, who is synonymous with the concept of calmness and finding inner light, intertwine beautifully with the mottos and principles of the sannyasins of Osho. Buddha of Gandhara can also be seen as Anubodhi’s interpretation of one of Osho’s teachings, “To be creative is to be in love with life.”

For a region with such rich history and bond with culture and art, Gandhara does not receive appreciation from art lovers across the world, it is rather the scapegoat burdened with the smoke of terror. Buddha of Gandhara is a step towards breaking that notion and moving beyond arms and wars, beyond religion, beyond the dividing lines of tribes and beliefs. It is high time the region recognized the seed of unifying wisdom hidden in their own rich history.

Rediscovering her ground in life, Anubodhi said, “The world has suddenly become this place that evokes fear and terror. With life’s unpredictability and uncertainties already at play, humans can be expected to be a little more humane. I believe art and culture have the power to anchor one to their roots and to their inner self which in turn induces love. What happens with life is that you need to keep your passions aside and ponder upon priorities. What is fortunate, is that you are able to keep that spark ignited somewhere inside, waiting to be rewarded once dharma completes full circle! I accredit my attachment with Osho since the age of ten for being able to realize my dream today.”



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