Rima Kallingal is back with her inspiring ‘Rise’ !


Rima Kallingal draws inspiration from Maya Angelou in her new dance production

Mamangam dance company is back with another dance production titled ‘Rise’ featuring Rima Kallingal. It is a tribute to the famous artiste, poet ,memoirist and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou. Among her many awards and recognitions, she was presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the U.S by President Barack Obama. She was awarded over 50 honorary degrees during her lifetime. In the dance video, Rima Kallingal draws inspiration from the poem ‘And Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou. The poem talks of how a Black woman is looked down upon and despised, about how discrimination can break your soul but the poet promises to break free, rise inspite of it all and be the hope and the voice of her race. Rima says that the poem is a true inspiration to all woman across ages, it gives her hope and energises her to face her battles without fear. She said she hopes that the video will inspire the viewers as well.

Watch the video here:




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