Rare Musical Treat


The Madras Pianist as he’s fondly called is also often credited as the ‘Piano Revivalist’ in the Indian Subcontinent. But the buck doesn’t stop there for the multi-faceted musician /educationist Anil Srinivasan.

As a musician and a keen observer of the Indian music landscape, he’s constantly pushing boundaries to keep the concert and music consumption practices dynamic and exciting. One of the few if not the only pianists in the country, Anil will be releasing the country’s first major solo piano album –Touch with a national tour through October and November 2015.

The album titled Touch, the first album of its kind to capture its applicability across the classical, film, contemporary and Indian jazz contexts. His list of fans and patrons includes the likes of Rahman, Kamal Hasan and Mani Ratnam (who Anil recently also dedicated a track to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uJSdj8AO_g)



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