Racing pigeon that flew from the US to Australia


A racing pigeon flew around 13,000 kilometres from Oregon in the United States and crossed the Pacific Ocean to find a new home in Australia. Kevin Celli Bird discovered the exhausted bird in his backyard. He said it was a rare sight to find pigeons in his backyard and Australian native doves are more common. He found the pigeon having a drink and a wash and as it was emaciated, so he fed it with a crushed biscuit. He tried to trace it’s owner and found that the pigeon was registered to an owner in Montgomery, Alabama.

The pigeon has been named Joe after the US President-elect. It hitched a ride on a cargo ship to cross the Pacific. The pigeon has attracted the attention of the Australian media and also that of the strict Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. Kevin disclosed that the quarantine authorities asked him to catch the bird, They are also considering contracting a professional bird catcher. The reason being it is from America and the authorities are scared about bird diseases. The Agriculture Department which is responsible for biosecurity said that they would not permit the pigeon to remain in Australia as it could compromise Australia’s food security and wild bird population.



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