Queen of Hearts! – Priyanka Deshpande


She is a familiar face to all those who watch television. Priyanka Deshpande – who has memorably hosted shows like Super Singer, Kalakka Povathu Yaaru and Kings of Comedy Juniors, is a veritable source of energy and positivism and has been so in all these years that we have seen her in action. When we caught up with this lovely show host, we decided to ask her how she would introduce our favourite celebrities, if they were to be guests on her show. Here’s the rapid fire that followed:

Photography: Camera Senthil
Styling: Chandini Khanna
Hair and Makeup: Vijiknr (Bronzermakeover)

Superstar Rajinikanth
Ivar kaiyya thatta undachu ulagam… This man needs no introduction. When he comes, he arrives in style. He walks in style, he speaks in style. Soon, he’ll be doing something big for the Tamil people, in style. He’s a Maharashtrian who came from Karnataka and now serves the Tamil people. I’m a Maharashthrian too, I connect to this man on a personal level. Let’s welcome the one and only, legendary superstar Rajinikanth!

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan
When he comes, we can neither run nor hide. And ever since he showed us how to perfectly host a show, we anchors have no idea how to reckon with him. Let’s welcome Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan.

Thala Ajith
If Ajith sir comes to my show, I’ll take the opportunity to praise myself because I’ll be the only one to interview him ever! But, it will be so cool if I could really interview Ajith sir, maybe along with Vijay sir. I’ll be having goosebumps all over, just thinking about it!

Thalapathy Vijay
I’d run to hug him and say “Vijay anna, we love you Vijay anna, please come in.” (Laughs) I’ve met him once at his office, at his home. When I saw him, I dropped everything I was holding. He was really sweet about it. I don’t drink coffee but when he offered me a cup, I took it and began sipping. I have a photo from that day. I’ve even begged comedian Sathish – who is a friend – for a birthday wish from the Thalapathy but it hasn’t happened yet.

A man who is known for his perfection. An amazing father, fantastic husband and a lovely human being. Let’s welcome Suriya sir.
When you see his family, you know he is perfect as a man. He is perfect in his professional commitments too. People like him are real examples for us all.

Chiyaan Vikram
The man who can be Anniyan, Remo or Ambi according to the situation… A versatile actor whose age doesn’t show at all. His son is now going to debut in acting, lets welcome Vikram sir.

Dhanush and STR
Two best friends. Are they really friends, or do they just pretend to be friends? Do they agree to disagree and then decide to do more projects together? They’re both having the same Sun sign too… Please welcome Dhanush sir and STR sir!

Vijay Sethupathy
Every common person can identify with Vijay Sethupathy. You can watch any of the Makkal Selvan’s shows… He would be wearing simple slippers and never shoes. He’s created an image where anybody can approach him. For his first interview, I have seen him arrive at the Sun TV office on a bike, with a handkerchief covering his face. Can you believe it? He has seen a lot, he knows a lot. He is really the Makkal Selvan.

Enga Veettu Pillai – my inspiration. This man, as an anchor, brought the world’s notice to this profession. He is the one who earned anchors a niche on their own right. He is still an example to exemplary show hosting and also was a pioneer who showed anchors can also become actors. We can keep learning from him. He broke stereotypes in show hosting in South India and for show hosts and anchors, he is like a God.



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