No more Triple Talaq


The Triple Talaq bill was cleared by the Rajya Sabha yesterday and the Modi Government has scored a massive political victory on this count. The bill was passed with 99 votes in favour of the bill and 84 against it. The bill was already cleared by the Lok Sabha and will now be presented before the President Ram Nath Kovind  for his assent.

The AIADMK opposed the bill and walked out to show their protest. The other Opposition parties including the Congress, Trinamool Congress and the DMK questioned the motive of the government as they were literally rushing to get the bill passed. The Triple Talaq Bill has been a bone of contention between the Modi Government and the Opposition since December 2017. Now, no  Muslim male can give instant divorce to his wife and if he does so, he will be punished with a jail term upto three weeks. Law Minister R.S.Prasad said that Muslim women have been given justice and it will promote gender equality in society.



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