Priyanka Chopra shares a video she did with Simeon Biles

Simeon Biles pulled out of the Olympic Finals at Tokyo Games citing mental health issue 

It came as a shock to many when Simeon Biles pulled out of the Finals at the Tokyo Games. The 24 year old gymnast, who had won four gold medals at the 2016 Rio Games was hoping to win gold medals this time too but she cited mental health issues for pulling out of the games. Biles revealed that she was struggling with twisties, a mental block that affects gymnasts’ judgement while spinning in mid-air, and that she is not sure how much longer she will take to get out of it. Though a lot of fans and celebrities came out in support of her , there were also other who criticised her. to them, she said, “For anyone saying I quit, I didn’t quit. My mind and body are simply not in sync as you can see here.”

Priyanka Chopra shared a video with Simeon Biles in which she talks about the pressure she has to handle and how important therapy is. Priyanka wrote, “I had the joy of getting to know @simonebiles a few years ago, and she blew me away then with her vulnerability and self awareness. Simone, yesterday we were reminded why you are truly the GOAT, and why nothing supersedes taking care of ourselves…body AND mind. I cannot fathom the impossible pressure you all perform under, but knowing where you need to draw the line and step away – TO CHOOSE YOURSELF – is most important. Only when we are okay can we perform at our best, and enjoy doing so. Thank you for helping normalise that even under tremendous pressure, it’s ok to be human. Thank you for your courage and strength. You are a role model, and just like the rest of the world I’m so inspired and awed by you. Once again you have shown us what it truly means to be a champion. Sending ❤️.”




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